According to a news source, Dole Food Co. has tentatively agreed to settle the pesticide-exposure claims of more than 5,000 former banana plantation workers in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras. They are represented by Provost Umphrey, whose lawyers apparently ensured that the workers had actually been employed on the plantations and experienced personal injuries from exposure to dibromochloropropane. Similar claims filed by other trial lawyers and involving hundreds of other plaintiffs have been dismissed due to alleged legal wrongdoing, including falsified medical records, client coaching and the intimidation of Dole investigators. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals determined in March 2011 that a $97 million judgment reached in a Nicaraguan court against Dole and several other companies could not be recognized under Florida law. The terms of the preliminary settlement have not reportedly been disclosed. See The National Law Journal, June 14, 2011.