The Commodity Futures Trading Commission awarded US $1.5 million to an unnamed individual who voluntarily provided “original information” to the Commission that led to a successful CFTC enforcement action, as well as the resolution of another matter brought by another federal regulator. The CFTC noted that the individual appears to have attempted to report his/her information internally prior to alerting the CFTC and the other federal regulator. During fiscal year 2018, the number of whistleblower awards granted by the CFTC (5) exceeded all whistleblower awards ever previously granted by the Commission (4). Moreover, the amount of awards – in excess of US $75 million – was many times in excess of the aggregate of the dollar value of all whistleblower awards previously granted by the CFTC. (Click here for further details in the article “CFTC Enforcement Division Lauds Success of FY 2018 Accomplishments; Says Goal Is to Foster 'True Culture of Compliance'" in the November 18, 2018 edition of Bridging the Week.)