EPA, the General Services Administration (GSA) and White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) are seeking public input on the development of a national framework for the recycling and disposal of used electronics. 76 Fed. Reg. 11,243 (3/1/11). The Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship, which is developing the national framework, is composed of senior policy officials from the EPA, GSA, CEQ, State Department, Department of Commerce, Office of U.S. Trade Representative, and other agencies. The agencies will accept comments on the national framework until March 11, 2011.

The task force is seeking input on how to encourage greener electronics, increase the amount of electronics recycled in the United States and track electronics until disposal. It also seeks comments on projects that address e-waste and the usefulness of public-private partnerships in managing electronics. No existing federal laws require electronics recycling or ban electronics from landfills, although EPA issued a rule in 2006 requiring exporters of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) or the glass video displays on computer or television monitors to notify EPA before exporting CRTs for recycling. In the absence of federal law, 24 states have enacted some form of e-waste legislation.