The Office of Inspector General criticized the designated contract market rule enforcement review process of the Division of Market Oversight of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in a performance audit issued on August 5, 2015. The fieldwork for the audit had been contracted by OIG to Castro & Company LLC. In general, OIG said that DMO did not review, as part of rule reviews, 16 of the 23 core principles required for DCMs by the CFTC. OIG also said DMO should enhance it policy and procedure to select the frequency of DCM reviews; improve its follow-up on prior recommendations to DCMs; and hire more staff to enhance the timeliness of completing rule reviews. In response, DMO suggested that certain core principle reviews (e.g., system safeguards and financial resources) are more efficiently conducted outside of formal rule reviews and that DCMs are selected for review based on trading volume. DMO disagreed with OIG’s assessment of how it follows up on prior recommendations to DCMs (however, it did say it would better maintain evidence of its follow-up) and agreed that it needs more staff.