So much for starting the year off slowly!  In the areas we track – primarily disputes and issues between companies and their executives, but also anything that can impact those employment relationships – a lot happened in the first month of 2013.  We wrote about it – because while most of the country was in a deep freeze, here at SuitsbySuits headquarters in Washington, we enjoyed an unusually warm January and so were able to keep our fingers warm enough to type (no comment on our Tampa colleagues who bask in comparative warmth year round). 

The boundaries and mechanics of litigation and arbitration between executives gave rise to some thoughtful commentary on recent cases from our colleagues John Connolly and Adam Fotiades, which we’ve captured below in case you missed them.  We also looked at covenants not to compete, discovery gone awry, perpetual battles over social media and religion in the workplace, and – remember back to the holidays? – potential claims Bob Cratchit might have had against Ebenezer Scrooge under federal law: