Under the Austrian Equal Treatment Act, certain employers have to prepare an anonymous report about their employees’ income, itemised between men and women, including all allowances, remunerations, benefits and other parts of the salary.

This year companies with 251- 500 employees have to report about the income situation (“Einkommensanalyse”) of their employees for the first time. The report, containing the data for the year 2012 has to be submitted to the competent employee representative no later than 31 March 2013.

Next year, companies with more than 150 and up to 250 employees will have to report about the income situation of their employees.

Employers are obliged to prepare such an income report every two years.

In case of a violation of the reporting duty, the employee representatives can sue the employer for compliance with this equal treatment provision. In order to protect the sensitive information contained in these reports, employees that divulge the information can be subject to fines up to €360.