The European Commission is inviting comments from interested parties on commitments offered by the French energy company, GDF Suez, on access to gas import infrastructure into France. The commitments are being offered to remedy concerns raised by the Commission that GDF Suez was abusing a dominant market position by preventing competitors from obtaining access to gas import infrastructure (such as pipelines and terminals) in order to import gas into France. Without access to such infrastructure, the Commission considered that competitors could not get access to customers, no matter how competitive they may be.

GDF Suez has committed to releasing a large share of its long term reservations of gas import and then to continue to reduce its share of these reservations to below 50%. The Commission considers that these commitments could have a significant impact upon competition in the market.]

If the market testing concludes that the remedies being offered would provide a satisfactory solution, the Commission can adopt a "commitments decision" making the commitments legally binding upon GDF Suez. Comments must be received by the Commission by 9 September 2009.