On October 15, 2014 the Law of Ukraine "On Interim Measures for the Period of the Anti-terrorist  Operation" (hereinafter, the Law)5 came into effect. The Law defines the interim measures to  provide support to businesses operating in the territory of the anti-terrorist operation  (hereinafter, the ATO) and to persons resident in the ATO zone.

Basic provisions of the Law:

  • The Law establishes a moratorium on inspections carried out by state agencies supervising  businesses. However, the ban does not extend to unscheduled inspections of business entities with high risks.
  • Registration actions to change the location of legal entities and residence addresses of  Individual Entre- preneurs from the ATO zone shall be taken by state registrars of the territorial  offices of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in the regions and the City of Kyiv. At the same  time, it is prohibited to change the set of founders (shareholders) and directors of legal entities  registered in the mentioned regions during the ATO period.
  • Licensing documents and permit issued to business entities operating in the ATO zone shall be ex-  tended automatically. In addition, entrepreneurs shall be exempt from payment for the use of state  and municipal land plots and property.
  • During the effect of the Law, the only proper and sufficient document confirming the occurrence  of force majeure in the ATO zone and serving as a ground for exemption from liability for default  on (im- proper performance of) contractual obligations, shall be a certificate issued by the  Chamber of Com- merce in Ukraine. Certificates are issued within 7 days upon the business entity’s  application. Small merce in Ukraine. Certificates are issued within 7 day businesses shall obtain such documents free of charge.