The Mines Regulations 2014, which replace most of the previous mines-specific health and safety regulations, came into force on 6 April 2015. The general content of the Regulations was discussed in Minerals Matters in 2014, following the publication of the Regulations in draft for consultation. The Regulations are intended to provide one set of consolidated regulations to supplement the general body of health and safety legislation which applies in mines. 

In line with recent HSE practice, the Mines Regulations are not accompanied by an ACOP (but see the article on the CDM Regulations 2015 in this issue).

Instead, the Regulations are supported by new guidance, available on the HSE website, which does not have the status of an ACOP. The ACOPs previously in force in respect of the mines-specific health and safety regulations repealed by the 2014 regulations have been withdrawn, but the ACOP covering first aid at mines remains in force. Following the repeal of the mines-specific provisions of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, the HSE has published new guidance on the use of electricity at mines, which is also available on the HSE website.