Shueisha Inc. a Japanese company (hereinafter "SI") filed an opposition petition against the mark "Click here to view image"  for use on stuffed toys, etc., on the grounds that said mark is similar to its "Click here to view image" ("Chopper's hat design") mark.  In the original opposition decision, the TIPO dismissed SI's opposition petition and opined that despite the "Chopper" poppies and toys submitted by SI carry a similar design, SI in fact used its trademark "Pirate King ONE PIECE Design" on those goods, therefore it is hard to conclude that "Chopper's hat" had been used as a trademark to identify the source of goods.  The Ministry of Economic Affairs ("MOEA") reversed and held that when the 3D appearance of a product is unique and could leave an impression to relevant consumers, it was capable to be an identifier of the source of goods and carried sufficient distinctiveness to be registered as a trademark.  Further, if the owner has actively used such mark for promotion purposes and relevant consumers have recognized the mark as a trademark through such use, it may constitute a use of trademark.  SI has widely promoted its toys and other derivative goods associated with its cartoon character "Chopper" for a long period of time, and such goods have been popular among relevant consumers and have enjoyed considerable reputation.  Additionally, the appearance of "Chopper's hat design" of SI's three-dimensional goods is very unique.  Relevant consumers may recognize the source of goods from such unique appearance.  The TIPO followed MOEA's ruling and revoked the registration of the opposed trademark "Click here to view image".