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Business visitors

Visa requirements

In what circumstances is a visa required for business visitors?

If the assignee wishing to enter as a business visitor is ineligible for an electronic visa or is from a visa-free nation, he or she must obtain a consular-issued visitor visa.


What restrictions are imposed on business visitors in terms of the work that they may undertake and their period of stay in your jurisdiction?

In general, visitors cannot perform productive work or receive remuneration for activities performed in Turkey. Visitors should limit their activities mainly to those that are for the benefit of an entity abroad – for example:

  • attending meetings or conferences with colleagues, clients or customers;
  • engaging in or receiving training; and
  • collecting data or reviewing work-related issues.

Application and entry

How are business visitor visas obtained and what is the typical turnaround time?

If the business visitor is eligible to receive an electronic visa, this is issued immediately online. If a consular visitor visa is necessary, the timeline is one to seven days, depending on the backlog at the consulate. The applicant should provide, among other things:

  • a letter from his or her employer;
  • a letter of invitation from his or her Turkish business host or customer;
  • proof of travel and accommodation; and
  • proof of medical insurance.

Are any visa waiver or fast-track entry programmes available?

Yes. Turkey has an extensive list of nations whose citizens do not require a visa to visit Turkey. Most other nationals are eligible for electronic visas, which have a same-day turnaround.

Short-term training

What rules and procedures apply for visitors seeking to undertake short-term training in your jurisdiction?

In many circumstances, short-term training can be done on a visitor visa. Applicants should receive training in a manner that does not engage them in productive work (preferably in a classroom setting) and cannot be given remuneration. It is strongly suggested that this type of stay be as short as possible in order to avoid compliance issues.


In what circumstances is a transit visa required to pass through your jurisdiction? How is it obtained?

If the foreigner will not leave the transit lounge at the airport, he or she need not obtain a transit visa. Otherwise, the person must obtain a normal visitor visa.

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