On August 11, 2020, the Thai Department of Special Investigation (DSI), after an intensive investigation and after issuing a search warrant from the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court (IPITC), raided in warehouses in Phasi Charoen and Samphanthawong Districts. The raids resulted in the confiscations of a huge quantity of counterfeit goods.

Almost 20 trucks were used to transport all the forfeited goods, which largely included bags and clothes made under luxury brands such as Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. The DSI facility was said to be too small to accommodate the large number of counterfeits, and thus another warehouse was rented to store the huge quantity of counterfeit goods.

Many DSI officers, along with the representatives of the counterfeited brands, including S&O IP, participated in conducting screening and identifying the large number of counterfeit/imitated goods. Over 200,000 counterfeit items were seized, with a valuation of over  100 million baht. The counterfeit goods were later reported and shipped to the Thai Customs Department for further actions.

Thailand has implemented stronger laws and continuously stricter processes to assist with combating trademark infringements and counterfeits. These new laws and processes have assisted Thailand to improve its efforts against intellectual property violations.

After ten years in the United States Trade Representative’s Priority Watch List, Thailand was placed on the Watch List in 2017. While this improvement by Thailand was a significant and welcome step for Thailand, the DSI aimed to make even greater progress on combatting intellectual property crimes. The recent huge raids in and around Bangkok happened because of the DSI’s strengthened intellectual property policy. We welcome the DSI’s significant focus on stopping counterfeits and we are confident the DSI will have many additional significant successful raids.

S&O IP, as a representative of several global brands, will continue to strive for excellence in our intellectual property protection services and work efficiently with the DSI and the other Thai enforcement authorities.