Source: Beijing Daily

The Chinese company Beijing Jetsen Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jetsen”) has developed a digital television program transaction platform. This platform is a veritable copyright supermarket, as it allows the process of reviewing, purchasing, selling and delivering rights to television and film works to be completed online. With Jetsen's service, many different types of audio-visual works can be purchased on one's cellular device in a manner similar to browsing for items in a physical store, be they television programs, dramas, animated films, web dramas or any other work of this type. One need only tap an icon showing the work to find relevant information, trailers, stills and copyright transaction information. How it works is intuitively obvious. Should one wish to purchase the rights to a certain work, he or she can simply click "add to cart" button. One who wishes to purchase the rights to a work may also use the instant messaging tool to negotiate the price with the rights holder.

The broadcasting rights of most of the films, television dramas and variety shows that are currently available on television and video websites are purchased directly from the producers of the works themselves, who in turn sell their work via the process of distribution. Traditionally, the distribution process was not completed online, instead the television station or website representative would need first to locate the film’s producer or the person who managed the copyright of the film, whereupon would be played in front of said television station or website representative. If the television station or website representative was satisfied, that representative would make his or her intention known to the copyright holder to purchase the rights. During this time, the two sides would discuss the form of copyright, the duration of the copyright and the price of purchasing the rights of the film in further detail. A multiplicity of details would have been confirmed before the signing a purchasing agreement for a copyright for television or new media program, a process that would often last for one or more weeks.

Jetsen’s Program Transaction Platform allows for the buying and selling of copyrights to be completed online. This not only works to significantly improve efficiency and lower costs vis-a-vis the traditional method, but it also makes the process of buying and selling of copyrights to be more transparent and gives it a measure of standardization.

Jetsen was founded in 2006 and leads China in the field of audio-visual technology. The media asset management systems of CCTV and other major television stations as well as many 4K broadcast technologies and information security systems were made by Jetsen. Jetsen also makes the post-production systems of reality television shows broadcast by stations such as Hunan Television, Zhejiang Television. Jetsen's subsidiary, Huashi TV, is China's largest digital rights distributor. Huashi TV has in its library over 50,000 hours of content for which it has sole licensing rights. It also purchased the rights to an upwards of 50% the films that were released in Chinese theaters this year.

It is precisely because of Jetsen's technology as well as its massive video library that its service is so effective. In the past, every time rights were sold to television stations or websites, their representatives had to undergo the cumbersome process of downloading items onto hard disks one by one, organizing the files by serial number and then conveying the items to the buyer either personally or via express delivery. The risks and costs of this process to the television station or website operator were massive. But now they can sign an electronic agreement through the platform, complete the file transfer online and, in doing so save both time and money.

In the future, Jetsen hopes that its platform will become the “Taobao” of the digital copyright world. The content of the platform is not limited to Jetsen's copyrighted content; other rights holders both inside and outside China are also using the service to handle copyright transactions. Jetsen is also developing an IP trading service for its platform. Furthermore, Jetsen is establishing a film and television talent pool, which will allow film and television practitioners to find suitable actors and behind-the-scenes teams easily. Jetsen’s service can also be used to finance scripts, thereby helping young screenwriters and directors to realize their television dreams.

Jetsen believes that technology should be used in the service of culture. To this end, Jetsen is doing its utmost to integrate technology and content.

Another cross-platform venture by Jetsen is a digital education cloud platform that combines traditional classroom education with online education, thus helping to bring the entire education process online. Education administrators can use this system to monitor the educational situation of a class, a school or even an entire city through a simple search. This platform allows instructors to complete their lesson plans online and the system's education information database has a massive library of courseware and audio-visual files available for instructors to use. After this platform is installed on student's iPads and the classroom monitor, instructors will not only be able to use the system to aid in their classroom instruction, but also interact with students in class. Students can use the system to complete assignments and take tests. The sytem also provides for an automatic grading system and can provide a progress report. Furthermore, the system can be used by instructors and parents to monitor the effectiveness of instruction. Up to now, 21 Chinese cities have already signed on to Jetsen's education cloud platform; and, by the end of 2017, the platform will be used in primary and secondary schools in over 30 Chinese cities.