In brief

As known, Article 11 of Decree Law No. 228/2021, entered into force on 31 December 2021, provided for the further suspension, until 30 June 2022, of the environmental labeling obligations of packaging pursuant to Article 219, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree No. 152/2006.

In this respect, of special relevance is paragraph 2 of Article 11 above, which entrusts the Ministry of the environmental transition with the tasks of adopting, within thirty days of the date of entry into force of Decree Law No. 228/2021, the technical guidelines for the environmental labeling. Moreover, Art. 11 establishes that products with no environmental labeling already placed on the market or labelled on 1 July 2022 can be marketed until their stocks are exhausted.

With the above-mentioned provisions, the Italian Government granted a further six-month period to allow companies to comply with the new labeling obligations pending the publication of the technical guidelines, to be adopted by January 30, 2022