7.29.2009 The SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee held its first meeting and identified a wide range of discussion topics that it will address, including

  • Fiduciary duties: what duties apply; how are those duties defined;
  • Proper disclosures: whether current disclosures adequate; what changes need to be made;
  • Technology: whether better technology should be used for the “flow of information” to and from investors;
  • Financial Literacy: what the difference is between investor education and investor information; what the role of financial literacy is; and how can the SEC promote education;
  • Valuation: whether investors understand valuation;
  • Majority voting: whether this should be mandatory for all U.S. companies;
  • Director-investor communications: what are the most effective ways for communication;
  • Proxy voting: if information out there is adequate; whether the process and system foster informed decision-making; and
  • Resources: if the SEC’s resources adequate.  

Click http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2009/2009-175.htm to access the SEC press release.