Précis - During his recent address to the Conservative Party conference, David Cameron highlighted investment in education, infrastructure and technology as pivotal to preventing Britain becoming a nation "on the slide".

What? The British Prime Minister addressed the Conservative Party conference with a speech focused on harnessing aspirations whilst warning against Britain becoming a nation "on the slide".  Investment in technology is central to the Prime Minister's plans to drive future growth in the UK economy as he looks towards life beyond recession. Mr Cameron identified Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria alongside China and India as countries whose investment in education, infrastructure and technology had enabled them to rise up the world economic ranks. Mr Cameron wants Britain to follow the example set by those countries that he describes as "lean, fit, obsessed with enterprise, spending money on the future" to enable Britain to emerge from the economic downturn as a country on the rise.

So what? Whilst the Prime Minister's speech was notably scarce on detail as to what Britain's investment in infrastructure and technology would actually involve, it enables TMT companies to be cautiously optimistic that technological investment is, at least, on the current government's agenda. Whether or not it commits extensive resources to the TMT sector whilst Britain struggles to achieve any real economic growth remains to be seen, but Mr Cameron will need to find investment from somewhere in the near future if the UK is to stay ahead of the curve once the global economy recovers.