The Thai Department of Labour Protection and Welfare (Thai Labour Department) is in the process of amending the maternity entitlements under the Labour Protection Act to be in line with International Labour Organization (or ILO) - Convention No. 183 that concerns maternity protection rights.

Presently, the Labour Protection Act provides for maternity leave entitlement of 90 days. The proposed changes will break down the maternity leave entitlement into two separate periods of leave, prenatal and postnatal. If the changes are passed into law, it would mean that the maternity leave entitlement will increase from 90 days up to 98 days (or 14 weeks).

Specifically, the Thai Labour Department is considering the introduction of the following changes:

  • Leave for maternity check-ups (prenatal) for 8 weeks; and
  • Compulsory maternity leave of 6 weeks after childbirth (postnatal).

There is no word yet on whether the Thai Labour Department will make corresponding changes to salary entitlements during the course of the maternity leave. However, we would expect such changes to follow.