The latest action plan from the Commission shows:

  • the Securities Law Regulation in April 2013;
  • a proposal for a European framework for money market funds on 10 April 2013;
  • a proposal to improve the European market for longer term investment funds in June 2013;
  • a new framework for freezing funds and assets of suspected terrorists, to be proposed in the second quarter of 2013;
  • a follow-up to the green paper on card, internet and mobile payments, in June 2013;
  • a framework for regulating production and use of indices as benchmarks in the financial sector, also in June 2013;
  • a legislative initiative on the structure of EU banks in the third quarter of 2013;
  • proposals to amend the UCITS Directives in October 2013;
  • a framework for crisis management in non-bank financial institutions in the fourth quarter of 2013; and
  • a review of the European supervisory architecture in the fourth quarter of 2013.

(Source: Commission Updates Action Plan)