In Certain Point-To-Point Network Communications Devices And Products Containing Same, Inv. No. 337-TA-892, Respondents Toshiba and LG filed a Submission in response to Complainant's motion to withdraw its complaint asking the Commission to sanction Complainant, Straightpath, for its last-minute motion to withdraw.  Toshiba and LG contend that Straighpath is seeking to withdraw its complaint on the eve of trial after forcing them and other third parties to incur substantial defense costs and after coming to the realization that its patents were likely invalid.  In particular, Toshiba and LG ask the ALJ to “state in a precedential termination order that, should Straight Path file a new complaint against Respondents in the future concerning either the same devices accused or the Netflix provided functionality accused, its misconduct in the termination here should be investigated by the commission prior to the institution of any complaint.”  Toshiba and LG also invite the ALJ to consider other sanctions.