When it comes to international arbitration, navigating the various jurisdictions of the world can be challenging.  The Global Arbitration Review (GAR) recently released an online reference guide, GAR Reference, which allows cross-comparison of international arbitration practice and procedure across multiple jurisdictions.  The GAR reference sections are highly regarded by international arbitration lawyers throughout the world, as they allow for quick access to high-level debriefings, on a country-by-country basis, on the multiple issues faced in international arbitration.  The information provided in GAR Reference covers the myriad of issues that practitioners face in international arbitration, including local arbitration laws, drafting enforceable arbitration agreements, procedures for commencing arbitration and taking discovery and procedures for enforcing and challenging arbitral awards, to name just a few. 

The China Arbitration section of the GAR Reference was recently authored by McDermott's international arbitration practice head B. Ted Howes and MWE China partner Henry Litong Chen.  Ted and Henry, who have substantial experience arbitrating with or against Chinese entities, provide insightful and adept guidance on over 50 issues faced by those involved in Chinese international arbitrations. 

Click here to view GAR’s China reference section.