The ACCC is varying the final access determinations (FADs) for the Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS), the Line Sharing Service (LSS), the Local Carriage Service (LCS) and the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service. These varied FADs will remain in effect until new FADs for the seven regulated fixed lines services are made (scheduled for mid-2015).

The variations to the WLR and LCS FADs will ensure that regulated prices are available in CBD areas from 1 August 2014. The variations to the ULLS and LSS FADs will ensure that a regulated internal interconnection cable charge is available to access seekers for those services after 30 June 2014.

Making new FADs for the remaining services is likely to take the rest of the year due to the number and complexity of the pricing issues. The ACCC intends to release a discussion paper on these pricing issues in July 2014.

The media release can be found here and the final report here.