In brief

The new Singapore Copyright Act, which has come into force on 21 November 2021, replaces the existing Copyright Act (Cap. 63).

The new Copyright Act aims to update and enhance the copyright regime in Singapore to take into account technological developments that have immensely impacted how copyright works are created, distributed, accessed and used. It also seeks to future-proof the Singapore Copyright regime to cater to future technological developments.

Key takeaways

The key changes introduced by the Copyright Bill have been discussed in our earlier updates, Singapore: Ministry of Law and IPOS seek public feedback on proposed Copyright Bill (23 March 2021) and Singapore: First Reading of the Copyright Bill (26 August 2021).

In summary, there are two parts in the Public Consultation on the proposed Copyright bill, where Part 1 focuses on the draft bill, and Part 2 focuses on the framework for regulating collective management organisations (CMOs). CMOs are organisations that collectively manage the use of works or performances for different creators and rights.

The new Copyright Act has come into force on 21 November 2021.

However, the provisions on the CMOs' regulatory framework, which aims to enhance the standards of transparency, good governance, accountability and efficiency in such organisations, have yet to come into force.