I apologize in advance for the fact that this Blog may seem like a form of advertising, but it could be for your benefit. My compensation and benefits partners and I regularly provide on-site or web-based training programs to the legal staff, human resources professionals, executives, boards of directors, and/or benefit plan fiduciaries of our clients (and – sometimes - friends). As many of you know, we are frequent speakers at all manner of seminars, events, and presentations relating to executive compensation topics. Based on those, and our experience teaching the class on executive compensation and benefits at three different law schools, we have amassed quite a catalogue of available programs.

Attached is a form of brochure listing many of the Training Programs we make available. As noted in the brochure we can easily customize any of these programs to fit your needs or address your particular circumstances. Many of the programs will qualify for CLE. Others can satisfy the work force training requirements under HIPAA and the DOL's best practice suggestions for fiduciary training under ERISA. If you are interested, let me know.

See also an upcoming teleconference presentation I will be making on 409A.