On September 20, TIPO Director General and Spain Patent & Trademark Office (SPTO) Director General jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway) cooperation that would allow both offices to speed up patent examinations.  The TIPO-SPTO PPH Mottainai benefits boarder scope of applications than the general PPH programs adopted between the U.S. and Japan. Under this new program, if one of the signing parties has first issued an examination result, the applicant may base upon it to apply for PPH examination with the other party, whether or not such result has been issued by OFF.  For instance, an applicant who has first filed a patent application with TIPO (OFF) and then with SPTO (OSF) in respect of the same creation may apply for PPH with TIPO based on the examination result first issued by SPTO.  The TIPO-SPTO PPH Pilot Program will undergo a two-year trial period starting October 1, 2013 and be jointly evaluated upon expiration.