On 16 June 2011, the General Court handed down Judgments in cases T-240/07 & T-235/07 reducing the fines imposed on Heineken NV and Barvaria NV respectively for their participation in a cartel on the Dutch beer market. The Courts Judgments generally upheld the Commission’s 2007 findings that the companies had been involved in coordination of prices and price increases for beer and the allocation of customers in the on-trade and off-trade markets in the Netherlands. However, the Court considered the Commission had not provided sufficient evidence that the infringement also concerned occasional coordination of commercial conditions other than prices offered to individual customers in the on-trade segment. The evidence relied upon, consisted of some brief, hand written notes for which the companies were able to provide a plausible alternative explanation. Consequently, the Commission reduced the fine of €219.28m on Heineken NV and its Dutch subsidiary to €198m and the fine on Bavaria from €22.85 to €20.71m.