Q. Pending the outcome of the Central Bank’s consultation on the publication of the UCITS Rulebook (CP 77), will the Central Bank consider the inclusion of additional Regulated Markets in Appendix 1 to Guidance Note 1/96 (Permitted Markets for Retail Collective Investment Schemes)?

A. As set out in Consultation Paper CP 77 the Central Bank intends to withdraw Guidance Note 1/96. Pending the issue of a final UCITS Rulebook we are not undertaking to review any submissions in relation to proposed markets. In the interim, UCITS which wish to refer to a regulated market in a prospectus should carry out the appropriate assessments to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements. Regard should continue to be had to the standards referred to in the Guidance Note. The Central Bank may seek sight of such assessments at any time and UCITS should be in a position to explain their decisions in relation to these matters.