When a claim is issued at Court the Claimant must pay an issue fee. The amount of the fee depends on the value of the claim. Whilst the fee will be added to the value of the Claimant's claim, and is therefore recoverable if the Claimant is ultimately successful in the proceedings, the cost of issuing the claim must be met by the Claimant at the outset.

As of Monday 4 April 2011 the fee payable for issuing most claims will increase. For example, if the value of a claim exceeds £300,000.00 the fee payable is increasing by £140.00 to £1,670.00. If the value of the claim is less than £300.00, the fee is increasing by £5.00 to £35.00. The increase in issue fees has been justified by reference to inflation based on the Consumer Price Index.

Full details of the new Court fees are set out in a schedule to the implementing legislation, which can be found at: www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2011/586/schedule/made. Information on Court fees can also be found at the HM Courts Service website: www.hmcs.gov.uk.