The General Court (GC) has announced its annulment of the Commission’s decision to fine parent companies L’Air Liquide and Edison in relation to their part in a cartel operating in the bleaching agents market. The cartel, which operated between 1994 and 2000, involved the exchange of confidential information, control of production and fixed prices. The GC annulled Edison’s €58.13m fine and L’Air liquide had the finding of its participation in the cartel set aside. The GC held that the Commission had not adequately explained its reasons for dismissing the evidence put forward by the parties rebutting the presumption that the parent company held decisive influence over its subsidiaries. The Court noted the Commission had failed to do so. The Commission’s fine on Solvay was also reduced from €167.06m to €139.5m on the basis that the Commission erred in its application of leniency given the level of Solvay’s co-operation and its finding of the duration of Solvay’s participation in the infringement. However, the Court rejected Solvay’s argument that its leniency application should have been treated as being made when it telephoned the Commission and requested a meeting to make an oral statement. To qualify for a reduction in fine a company must provide additional evidence. When deciding to disclose information orally a company has to take into account the risk that another company might disclose that information earlier, and in writing.