A New York federal court has allowed Lanham Act claims for the Stolichnaya trademark to proceed in a long-running case between a Russian state-chartered company and several international beverage companies. Fed. Treasury Enter. Sojuzplodoimport v. SPI Spirits Ltd., No. 14-712 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D.N.Y., order entered August 25, 2014). Federal Treasury Enterprise Sojuzplodoimport (FTE), owned by the Russian Federation, alleges that it owns the Stolichnaya trademarks, but SPI Spirits purports to be the private successor to the state-owned company that owned the trademarks before the Soviet Union dissolved and several public entities became private companies. The Second Circuit previously held that FTE lacked standing because it was neither an assign nor legal representative under the Lanham Act. Since that ruling, the Russian Federation assigned its rights to the Stolichnaya trademark to FTE, and the New York federal court has found that the assignment cures FTE’s previous lack of standing issue. The court found that several of FTE’s claims are barred by res judicata—including its unfair competition claims and state trademark claims, which could have been brought earlier but were only just introduced—but because FTE alleged new facts with its new assignment, the Lanham Act claims can proceed. Additional information on the Second Circuit ruling appears in Issue 494 of this Update.