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Please join us for this weekly video series, hosted by Baker McKenzie's Government Enforcement partners Jeff Martino and Jerome Tomas. Each episode, we recap the previous week and cover hot topics and current enforcement actions related to white collar crime and criminal investigations in the US and abroad to arm you with the information you need to start your business week.

Topics include:

  • Our white collar thoughts on this week's "Economist" article on ESG
  • SEC breaks new ground in insider trading case involving crypto assets
  • DOJ remains vigilant in promoting competition in the labor markets through several recent enforcement efforts:
    • Health care staffing company and former regional manager are negotiating an agreement with DOJ to resolve wage-fixing charges
    • DOJ announced a civil settlement with poultry processors to end a conspiracy to exchange compensation information and collaborate on compensation decisions
    • DOJ and FTC are joining with NLRB to strengthen their partnerships in combating labor competition issues