Following its February 2013 DP (see FReD 1 March), EBA is now consulting on its proposed draft guidelines on how to identify, for the purposes of liquidity reporting, less stable retail deposits that can be susceptible to higher outflows during 30 days under stress conditions. EBA continues to propose three "buckets" for allocation purposes, but has dropped the prescription of associated outflow rates, and expects institutions to provide their own estimates. The consultation also covers guidelines on how to identify retail deposits covered by a Deposit Guarantee Scheme and which are part of an "established relationship" or held in a "transactional account". These retail deposits would be subject to the lowest outflow rate assumption. Once data is collected on retail deposits outflows the Commission will calibrate the liquidity coverage requirement. EBA asks for comments by 1 October. (Source: Consultation on Draft Guidelines on Retail Deposits Subject to Different Outflows)