The USCIS announced recently that certain H-4 visa holders (dependents of H-1B visa holders) will become eligible to receive work authorization. This new rule takes effect on May 26, 2015 and is limited to a specific category of H-4 visa holders.  If the H-4 visa holder's spouse has an approved I-140 (permanent resident application) or has an H-1B extension in place beyond the six-year limit for H-1B status, the H-4 visa holder can apply for and receive an employment authorization document to allow them to work.  This is a significant change for the dependents of those individuals pursuing permanent residence as it will allow them the opportunity to obtain employment as well.  Keep in mind, however, that this rule has a very limited application and does not allow all H-4 visa holder's to obtain employment authorization. If you qualify under this rule, now is the time to begin preparing the application for employment authorization to be ready to file on May 26th when the new rule takes effect.