On 27 July 2007, the High Court found (in case [2007] EWHC 1848 (Admin)) that a new unified contract central to a package of legal aid reforms put forward by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) breached national and EC procurement law. Among other things, the Court was asked to consider whether or not the unified contract came within the scope of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and if so, whether it was compliant. The Court held that the contract was one for public services and that the Regulations would apply and that even if the contract had been a services concession, then in accordance with the case law of the European Court, there would still have been an obligation of transparency. The Court went on to find that provisions giving the LSC unilateral powers to amend the contract were compliant with the EC principle of transparency. However, broad powers to amend technical specifications were found to be in breach of the Regulations. Claimants in the conjoined cases were the Law Society (seeking judicial review) and a firm of solicitors, Dexter Montague & Partners (which sought damages).