How do I apply for an 'Unrestricted' Certificate of Sponsorship?

The UK Border Agency will soon be writing to all Tier 2 sponsors regarding Certificate of Sponsorship allocation requests so as to ensure that opening balances are confirmed in advance of 6 April 2011. The allocation of Certificates will be for a fixed period, from 6 April 2011 to 5 April 2012. Sponsors will be able to apply for additional Certificates during the year via the Sponsor Management System. Sponsors will be invited to renew their allocations via the Sponsor Management System from January 2012.

How do I apply for 'Restricted' Certificate of Sponsorship?

Sponsors will be able to apply for restricted Certificates via an online application from late March 2011. It will be a similar process to the existing Certificate of Sponsorship Allocation Request process. Applications will be acknowledged by an e-mail stating the points scored and the date for consideration of the request. Sponsorship teams may need to undertake additional checks at this stage. Requests will be considered against the points system on a Monthly Allocation date. Sponsors will be informed of the outcome of their request within one day of the Monthly Allocation date. The Sponsor Management System will be updated with the allocation within five days of the Monthly Allocation date. The UK Border Agency has stated that unsuccessful requests will not be carried over.