With only two months remaining between the interim cap and the permanent cap, it is interesting to note that with each month the criteria for non shortage occupations are rising.

To remind ourselves, in order to obtain Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocations, the sponsor will need to submit an application to the UKBA to be allocated an additional CoS within this category. On the first working day of each month, a panel considers the applications and allocates CoS to sponsors in order of priority.

Requests for exceptional consideration in the categories for new hires will each be considered and ranked against the following criteria (starting with the highest ranking):

  1. Salary is at or above £40,000
  2. Salary is between £36,000 and £39,999.99
  3. Salary is between £32,000 and £35,999.99
  4. Salary is between £28,000 and £31,999.99
  5. Salary is between £24,000 and £27,999.99
  6. Salary is between £20,000 and £23,999.99
  7. Salary is under £20,000 (shortage occupations only)

Priority for exceptional consideration applications is given to non-shortage jobs with higher salaries. In January 2011 the UKBA only approved exceptional consideration applications with a salary of £36,000 or more. Further, out of the 10,832 CoS originally allocated in the Summer, the Government confirmed that there are now only 1029 CoS left for allocation.