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Corporate counsel are being pushed to do more with less, streamline their teams, and leverage every dollar spent on outside counsel. While efficiency should always be the goal, increasing the company’s exposure to risk should not be the unintended consequence.

This program focuses on the pitfalls and risks of using boilerplate contract language in business contracts and recent developments in employment law that make arbitration agreements more favorable if drafted correctly. While not every term of a contract should be customized, it is too late to understand what boilerplate means when a relationship sours and contract provisions become fodder for litigation. Our panel of seasoned litigators, Andrew Skale, Daniel Pascucci, and Nicole Rivers, highlight key issues to avoid and provide insight into how they review, analyze, and dissect some commonly used boilerplate provisions when preparing for trial.

Topics include:

  • Indemnity provisions: We agreed to do what?
  • Choice of law
  • ADR provisions in employment agreements