An extremely useful resource which has recently been brought to our attention is the learning disability section on the GMC website. It is designed for doctors but is equally useful for anyone else seeking to improve their ability to communicate with and advise those with learning disabilities.

The website is divided into 5 main sections:

Interactive learning - this includes four interactive sessions that provide doctors with the opportunity to test their knowledge by exploring a play commissioned by the GMC and available to view on the

  • website, entitled Wood for the Trees;
  • The issues – this gives examples of problems and challenges that face doctors and also includes excerpts from GMC guidance and videos with experts and advocates;
  • Patient perspectives – this gives the thoughts and feelings  of  people  with  learning disabilities and their carers  in  their  own words (using text and video), so that doctors and other health professionals can see what people want and how they wish to  be involved in their own healthcare;
  • Into practice – this contains solutions to issues raised in other areas as well as excerpts from guidance, best practice and videos featuring experts and advocates;
  • Resources – this provides links to guidance, best practice,  reviews, reports, tools and various websites.