The number one question asked by the victims of online defamation is ‘How do I get this defamatory content removed from the internet?’

In the below video, Whitney Gibson — head of the Vorys practice group that focuses on internet brand and reputation issues — discusses several techniques, including contacting websites and web hosts, getting content de-indexed from Google and other search engines, negotiating with the posters of the harmful content, and other legal approaches including filing defamation-based lawsuits and sending cease and desist letters.

Having a court order is typically necessary when contacting Google and is usually beneficial (and more persuasive) when contacting most websites with removal requests.  However, many websites are willing to remove harmful content by a simple showing that certain content has violated their terms of service or terms of use, which can typically be accomplished by a simple compelling email.

Moreover, cease and desist letters have proven to be effective in many instances when posters’ identities are known, although removing content may call for the actual filing of a defamation lawsuit in other matters. Of course, the optimal technique or solution for a particular situation will be dictated by its specific facts and circumstances.

Check out the video below for more information on the aforementioned techniques.

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