On March 1, a large international bank based in the U.K. disclosed in its annual report that it is being investigated in connection with its hiring practices in Asia. In disclosing both DOJ and SEC investigations, the bank noted that it is cooperating with the investigations and “keeping certain regulators in other jurisdictions informed.” While not explicitly linking the hiring probe to the FCPA, the acknowledgement appears to be the latest by an international financial institution concerning U.S. investigations into FCPA implications of its hiring practices in Asia and continues the long-running “Sons and Daughters” investigations by the SEC. Prior coverage of other aspects of the “Sons and Daughters” investigation around the world is available here.

Separately in its annual report, the U.K.-based financial institution also stated that the “DOJ and SEC are undertaking an investigation into whether the [bank’s] relationships with third parties who assist [the bank] to win or retain business are compliant with the” FCPA. The bank disclosed that it has briefed regulators in other jurisdictions about these investigations.