Brazil has lowered the requirements to obtain a 90-day temporary visa for workers entering the country to provide technical assistance and to transfer technology.

The new Normative Resolution No. 100, published on April 24, goes into effect May 9, 2013.

The simpler requirements allow foreigners to enter Brazil for no more than 90 days.

The only two requirements that the Brazilian company applying for this visa must attest to are: (i) the relationship between the foreign worker and the related services to be provided in Brazil, and (ii) its enrollment with Brazil’s Corporate Tax Registry (“CNPJ”). No individual may receive this 90-day temporary visa more than once in any 180-day period. Normative Resolution No. 100/2012 was published by the Brazilian National Immigration Council, an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

The two requirements for this temporary visa replace the five requirements under Article 6 of Normative Resolution 61/2004.

Under the old rule, there was a possibility to receive a visa extension; however there was a need to prove that the foreigner had at least three years of work experience in an activity related to the services for which he or she was being hired. This is not a requirement under the new Normative Resolution.

Read an English translation of the Normative Resolution here.