On November 26, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada proposed amendments to its Dealer Member Rules that would provide a uniform six-year limitation period to all IIROC enforcement proceedings. While current rules allow IIROC to initiate proceedings against a former member or former approved person for five years after the cessation of IIROC membership, there is no limitation period on proceedings relating to current dealer members or approved persons. Specifically, the new rule, which would apply to current and former members and approved persons, would require IIROC to commence proceedings within six years of "the date of the occurrence of the last event on which the proceeding is based."

IIROC is accepting comments on the proposed amendments until January 25, 2011, and specifically requested comment on the concept of allowing for the extension of the limitation period where both IIROC and the Dealer Member or Approved Person agree to the extension.

For more information, see IIROC Notice 10-0310, the language of the proposed amendments and the blackline of the rules proposed to be amended.