Late last week, Treasury released two new completed transaction reports, neither of which reported any additional completed transactions. The first report was released on Thursday and provided additional detail regarding Treasury’s investment in Citigroup Inc. under the Capital Purchase Program (CPP), Targeted Investment Program and Asset Guarantee Program. On June 9, 2009, Treasury entered into an agreement to exchange between $12.5 and $25 billion of its existing CPP investment for Citigroup’s Series M Common Stock Equivalent and a warrant to purchase shares of common stock. The total of Treasury’s investments under these three programs was $50 billion. The second report was released on Friday and noted that Treasury had fully executed an agreement with New CarCo Acquisition LLC (now known as Chrysler Group LLC) for $6.642 billion on June 10, 2009. Under the initial terms of the agreement reported on May 27, 2009, the reported amount was $6.943 billion.