The MIIT published the Implementing Guide to Prompting Enterprises to Become Cloud-Based 2018-2020 (“Guide”) on 10 August 2018. The Guide is voluntary rather than compulsory and it aims to prompt various enterprises to become cloud-based.

Under the Guide, large enterprises may establish private clouds, while SMEs may utilise public clouds. Prior to actually implementing a cloud-based plan, all enterprises should evaluate their businesses to ensure that they establish suitable steps and procedures for becoming cloud-based. During the test period, enterprises may carry out simulations to improve their cloud-based plans. When they successfully achieve their cloud-based goal, they may supervise the performance of the cloud platform.

Cloud service providers should improve their professional proficiencies to ensure the efficiency, safety and stability of cloud services. They may closely co-operate with related entities to provide counsel or customized plans to enterprises. They may also establish exhibition centres to demonstrate the functions of the cloud, which may in return enhance the recognition and application of the cloud.

The competent authorities may establish cloud-based expert counsel committees, cloud public service platforms or utilise insurance mechanism to support enterprises to become cloud-based. They may also establish cloud security protection standards and urge cloud service providers to ensure the safety of users' information and trade secrets.

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Guide.