The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines issued revised rules for patents, industrial
designs and utility model applications in May 2011. Some important points to note:

Multiple Priorities

In Rule 306, a new paragraph has been added requiring the applicants to pay the corresponding multiple priority claim fee upon filing a claim for multiple priorities. Previously, under the old rules, the applicants are required to pay the first priority claim only. With the recent amendments, fees for additional priority claims must also be paid.

Another point that has been added in Rule 306 is the additional requirement to validly claim multiple priorities, i.e. the local application and the priority applications must have common inventor(s) or applicant(s).

Formal Drawings

Under the old rules, applicants are required to submit formal drawings that must be made upon paper that is flexible, strong, white, smooth, non-shiny and durable. Two ply or three ply Bristol board the size of an A4 paper was preferred.

Instead, under Rule 414.2, Formal Drawings may now be made upon a smooth non-glossy white paper with sufficient thickness and durability that will permit erasures and corrections. While the use of a Bristol board is no longer necessary, the rules concerning margins, character and color lines remain the same.

Filing of Adverse Information on Utility Model and Industrial Design Applications

Lastly, under the new Rules, any person may present written adverse information concerning the registrability of the utility model or industrial design application within 30 days from publication, as opposed to the 2 months period provided under the old Rules.

The revised rules were enacted to streamline the administrative procedure in the granting of patents. If you have any specific queries on Philippines Patent law, please do not hesitate to let us know.