Budget 2018 will be announced on Tuesday, 10 October 2017. 

Some measures that may be announced in Budget 2018 include:

Personal Taxes

  • Cuts to the unpopular universal social charge
  • Increase in standard income tax band to benefit middle income earners
  • Increase in mortgage interest relief

Entrepreneur Taxes

  • Increase in earned income tax credit
  • Expansion of entrepreneur relief

Corporation Taxes

  • Commitment to the 12.5% corporation tax rate


  • Changes to VAT regime to help ‘Brexit-proof’ Irish businesses
  • Increase in VAT rate for tourism and hospitality sector

Stamp Duty

  • Increase in stamp duty applicable to the transfer of commercial property

Capital Taxes

  • Increase in inheritance tax free thresholds to encourage the transfer of assets to younger generations
  • Increase in the small gift exemption


  • Introduction of measures to incentivise renting of vacant properties
  • Introduction of tax deduction for local property tax on rental properties
  • No change to local property tax rates


  • Introduction of measures to ensure that Irish businesses are ‘Brexit-ready’