Cyril Roux, Deputy Governor (Financial Regulation) of the Central Bank of Ireland has made a speech on supervision and financial regulation at the Central Bank of Ireland. In this speech, Mr Roux addressed a number of themes. He noted that financial supervision operates on several levels. The first and most ambitious one is systemic: to provide or at least to contribute to financial stability. The second is more traditional: to protect the financial interests of customers by assessing and, when necessary, enforcing compliance with prudential regulation. The third, emerged later, around conduct towards customers. The Central Bank's own mission written statement focuses on these priorities at a very high level-: "Safeguarding Stability, Protecting Customers". Mr Roux in his speech addressed each of these areas in detail. He also confirmed that the Central Bank will continue to focus on anti-money laundering compliance. He noted that in early 2016, FATF will review Ireland's compliance in this area and Ireland has much to lose if its adherence with the FATF standards is left open to doubt. He said that the Central Bank's current self-assessment is that Ireland has a distance to travel in this area if we are to reach international standards of best practice. He said that it is likely that the current IMF review will concur with this view. It is therefore the intention of the Central Bank to continue to focus on this area.