The Commission has published three Delegated Regulations on RTS under EU MAR:

  • conditions applicable to buy-back programmes and stabilisation measures. The RTS address disclosure and reporting obligations; conditions for trading; trading restrictions; conditions regarding the stabilisation period; price conditions; and conditions for ancillary stabilisation;
  • objective presentation of investment recommendations or other information recommending or suggesting an investment strategy and disclosure of particular interests or indications of conflicts of interest. The RTS cover production of recommendations and dissemination of recommendations produced by third parties; and
  • the appropriate arrangements, systems and procedures and the notification templates for preventing, detecting and reporting abusive practices or suspicious orders and transactions (STRs).

The RTS will apply from 3 July along with the EU MAR obligations. (Source: Commission publishes buy-back programmes and stabilisation RTSCommission publishes investment recommendations and conflicts RTSand Commission publishes STR RTS)