Through a letter dated July 6th, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala notified the Central American General Secretary (SICA), the withdrawal from the General Treaty of the Electric Market in Central América, with which Guatemala will no longer be a part of the Treaty and he Regional Electric Market (MER).

With this withdrawal, the necessary diligences to leave the Regional Electric Market have begun. However, the withdrawal of Guatemala from this Market will take place in the year 2031, as the Treaty establishes that the withdrawal notice must be given 10 years in advance.

The origin of the withdrawal originates from the discrepancy between Guatemala and institutions such as the Electric Interconnection Regional Commission (CRIE) regarding the interpretation of some stipulations in the regional electric regulations.

As a result of the withdrawal presented by Guatemala and the exit of the Regional Electric Market, the electric subsector agents in Guatemala will not be subject to dispositions of CRIE and will only be subject to the national regulations, allowing for greater contract and sale liberties.