Recently, the EEOC notified the business community and the general public that a bogus e-mail is being circulated that purports to be a harassment complaint update sent to the employer from the EEOC. According to the EEOC, the bogus e-mail contains a Trojan Horse Virus that will likely harm the user’s computer if he/she clicks on the web link and/or downloads the attached file. The bogus e-mail is addressed as follows:

From: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Subject: “Harassment Complaint Update For”

This is an automated email that confirms the registration of harassment complaint #...this harassment complaint can lead to law enforcement action. You can download and print a copy of this complaint to keep your personal records here…Our staff will keep you updated regarding the status of our investigation…To check the status of your complaint access:

All employers should be aware that the EEOC does not notify employers of the filing of a charge of employment discrimination via e-mail. The EEOC uses the U.S. Postal System to notify employers of a claim. Should an employer receive this bogus e-mail, it should be deleted immediately without opening or clicking on any web links.