The Industry and Trade Newspaper, in collaboration with the Department of Market Management, organized on June 25th a seminar called “Anti-counterfeiting, protection of IPR and the part played by businesses”.
“Efforts have been made, but it is not enough,” stated Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai at a conference held by the Market Surveillance Agency. “The fight against smuggling and counterfeiting must target the roots of the problem”, he said. Mr. Hai added that tight coordination between management agencies and local authorities in market monitoring is crucial in order to boost efficiency. Enterprises must play their part by working closely with market management agencies, especially to help them differentiate authentic from counterfeited products.

Mr. Le The Bao, president of the Vietnamese Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection, said that enterprises and business associations play an important role in the battle against counterfeiting. He argued that major economic centers such as the capital of Hanoi are always the chosen cities to produce counterfeits and to commit commercial fraud. According to him, the real question is whether or not some local authorities are protecting companies manufacturing and selling counterfeits. In the interview, Mr. Bao reported that the Hanoi Department of Market Management collected around 24,500 VND billion (US $ 1,092 billion) from counterfeited goods and commercial fraud cases between December 2014 and April 2016.

Deputy Director of the Economic Police Nguyen Cong Truc said that the legal framework for preventing smuggling and counterfeiting and detailed regulations on IP protection must be improved.
Amendments made to the Penal Code and effective from the 1st of July contain some changes relating to crime and punishment which will help the police in their enforcement duty. Additional tools are given by the Code to determine if a crime has been committed with regard to IPR violation. [Sources:Vietnam Quality and Viet Nam News ]